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    Holly! I've been meaning to write you to tell you that you were RIGHT ON, when you spoke to my daughter a few years ago... saying she would meet someone in a bar, but that wasn't THE ONE, to be patient, she would meet future partner through a friend, WHICH HAPPENED! Then... after meeting HIM through a good friend, in Feb of 2020, COVID kicked in, and they had an "facetime" talking "to get to know each other" for 7 months until flights opened up here in Mexico (she met him and then he flew back to where he lived here in Mexico). As of Sept of 2020 they are happily living together and beginning to consider marriage!!!

    So thank you! You nailed it! LOVE TO YOU!!!

    Holly K. Brooks
  • Life Coach New York

    I have been a client of Holly for many years. I really enjoy her candid, genuine, straightforward style. She knows how to answer my questions while guiding me to the important issues and helping me cast away ancillary matters. Holly is an excellent intuitive and spiritual teacher; working with her would be beneficial to anyone.

    Frank R
  • Life Coach New York

    The psychic intuitive world has not been the same since my friend Holly entered the psychic room with her divine gifts.
    She could make you laugh in a heartbeat — even when your matters feel serious and sad, she can somehow bring kindness and joy with the delivery of her intuitive messages.
    Since the moment I met her, I knew that she was unique and had unique gifts. I can truly tell you that she’s the real deal because I too am intuitive. Geek alert… You should see Holly and I having our psychic medium conversations in my backyard pool. We talked to family members that left us a long time ago. Holly is inside out fun and can lead you in proper directions even when matters seem serious or hopeless. She definitely is a shining star and I truly believe she has a star in Hollywood. ⭐️
    Go on and make the decision to get clarity that I know you are seeking from Hollywood.
    Hollywood, I love you Lady.
    Ps. She is so going to give you a fun nickname. Enjoy

    Psychic Online

    Candice Hozza (a.k.a: Candyland), Spiritual Strategist and Business Intuitive
  • Life Coach New York

    “Working with Holly is like a great bottle of wine! Worth the price for something just as satisfying! She really connects with you, and is genuine! I highly recommend her to anyone. Honest and mind blowing!”

    Kayla Scheiner
  • Life Coach New York

    "Holly is that gifted lightworker that doesn't fit into a box or a category. She proves the work is evidential & offers so much more. She brings her zeal for life into everything she does and offers a gentle embrace with every word. Holly is a healer, and the words she offers bring grace and hope to the darkest moments in life. We often think of healers using their hands, but Holly proves nothing matches the healing impact of words of love & compassion. Sometimes her words are the shuddering candle in the wind, and her wisdom is hard-earned & authentic. There is no one like her and likely never will be again.”


    Evidential medium
    Best selling author
    Educator & Psychologist

  • Life Coach New York

    ​"Holly K. Brooks is one of the most vibrant earth teachers I have met on my personal spiritual path. She is always full of positive energy that can't help but to rub off on everyone around her, in the best of ways. Holly's elite intuition will inspire and guide you to make the changes necessary in your life! Let's just say that after spending five minutes with Holly, suddenly things become a whole lot brighter. I trust her words and gifts fully! She will leave you with your soul touched in a way that you will never forget. Thanks again for everything Holly K!"

    Christopher M.Trotter
  • Life Coach New York

    ​"It was no coincidence that I came upon Holly... she was just what I needed and I felt as if I was speaking to someone who I have known forever. She was completely accurate on so many levels, and after speaking with her I have to say that I felt wonderful. She has a gift that I will surely ask to use again and again!"

  • Life Coach New York

    “Holly has always been a tremendous source of insight and support for me. She truly knows how to listen with purpose while helping you to find the answers that are within. Holly gives honest, caring, and accurate advice to the questions you have. She continuously impresses me with her ability to know the words before I speak them and provide precise answers. I know when there is a situation, issue, or transitional period in my life, I can count on Holly to be my guide and confidant.”

    N. Tate