Family Dynamics

Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive Psychic Reader in the United States

Life Skills & Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach For Family Issues

  • Problems that may occur if you are living with your parents at any age.
  • What happens if you have to move back in with your parents during this New Normal.
  • What to do if you don't get along with your in-laws or partner's family.
  • How to solve the problems that arise for parents ( single or otherwise) from siblings that don't get along; inclusive of lack of respect, lying, bad behavior in school, total disregard of house rules.
  • When family members are involved in substance abuse
  • How to improve your parenting, thereby improving all family dynamics.
  • Accepting stepchildren. Once again, proper boundaries for all of these situations.

I offer One-on-One Readings for Family Issues. All my readings are honest, accurate, non-judgmental, confidential, and done with respect!

New York State, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County, Santa Barbara, Monterey, California, Denver, Boulder, Telluride, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Colorado, Arizona, Sedona, Phoenix, and available Nationally.

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