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One-on-One Readings For Career Issues

  • Are you satisfied with your job currently, what would you love to do instead, when is it time to move on.
  • I hate my job; what do I do?
  • How to discover my strengths to be able to find a job suitable to me.
  • What job would make you wake up in the morning and be excited to go work.
  • Entrepreneurial advice and answers about how to get started.
  • Switching careers at any point in your life; and is it a good idea, a calculated risk.
  • Working from home, during the New Normal.
  • I have hit a glass ceiling at work, how do I make a vertical move.
  • Office politics, and their effects on your job.
  • Difficult relationships with other workers or a boss.

With over twenty-five years of experience and a strong sense of intuition, I help clients find the answers that they are looking for and provide them with the clarity they deserve. I offer One-on-One Readings for Career Issues.

Serving Globally

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