I do not do “cold” reading. They are a waste of your time & money. A reading is an exchange of energy between the intuitive psychic & client. Before your reading with me, I ask everyone to write down 3 things they would like me to look at. We will use these as jumping off points!
It’s highly effective

Intuitive Psychic Clarity Reading

One-on-One Readings with Holly K. Readings are inclusive of all subjects. All readings are non-judgmental, totally confidential and accurate.

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Life Coach New York

Holly! I've been meaning to write you to tell you that you were RIGHT ON, when you spoke to my daughter a few years ago... saying she would meet someone in a bar, but that wasn't THE ONE, to be patient, she would meet future partner through a friend, WHICH HAPPENED! Then... after meeting HIM through a good friend, in Feb of 2020, COVID kicked in, and they had an "facetime" talking "to get to know each other" for 7 months until flights opened up here in Mexico (she met him and then he flew back to where he lived here in Mexico). As of Sept of 2020 they are happily living together and beginning to consider marriage!!!

So thank you! You nailed it! LOVE TO YOU!!!

Holly K. Brooks
Life Coach New York

The psychic intuitive world has not been the same since my friend Holly entered the psychic room with her divine gifts.
She could make you laugh in a heartbeat — even when your matters feel serious and sad, she can somehow bring kindness and joy with the delivery of her intuitive messages.
Since the moment I met her, I knew that she was unique and had unique gifts. I can truly tell you that she’s the real deal because I too am intuitive. Geek alert… You should see Holly and I having our psychic medium conversations in my backyard pool. We talked to family members that left us a long time ago. Holly is inside out fun and can lead you in proper directions even when matters seem serious or hopeless. She definitely is a shining star and I truly believe she has a star in Hollywood. ⭐️
Go on and make the decision to get clarity that I know you are seeking from Hollywood.
Hollywood, I love you Lady.
Ps. She is so going to give you a fun nickname. Enjoy

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Candice Hozza (a.k.a: Candyland), Spiritual Strategist and Business Intuitive
Life Coach New York

​"It was no coincidence that I came upon Holly... she was just what I needed and I felt as if I was speaking to someone who I have known forever. She was completely accurate on so many levels, and after speaking with her I have to say that I felt wonderful. She has a gift that I will surely ask to use again and again!"