Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Psychics!

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In today’s chaotic world, people are often looking for guidance and insight into certain aspects of their life to help them move into their future with confidence. Whether you’re seeking answers to your love life, family, career, or any other decision, the services of a psychic will make a world of difference.

With their strong sense of intuition and deep connection with the forces of nature, psychics can help you identify hurdles created by you, address curiosity, provide valuable information about your future, and enable you to make decisions that will change your life for the better. 

Unfortunately, there are a ton of myths, misconceptions, and false rumors about psychics, which results in unrealistic expectations during a reading and a poor overall experience. To set the record straight and help you get the most out of your psychic reading, Holly K at Intuitive Solutions HK has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about psychics. 

Myth 1: A psychic can put a “CURSE” on you or your family
A myth commonly spread today is that a psychic can put a curse on you or your family. This is the worst myth of all. Honestly speaking, it is ridiculous and a lie. If this is said to you, it is so that you call the “psychic” (fraud) back to remove the curse. It is absurd! 

Myth 2: A psychic can predict death 
This is misleading, mean, and pure speculation. Psychics cannot predict death! I often explain this to my client and help them calm down. It is also unethical, so even if you see it, never share it!

Myth 3: There are real psychics and “fake” psychics
People that call a psychic are generally extremely vulnerable. In this emotional state, they hang on to anything a psychic says. They need answers. If they contact a “fake” psychic who just makes things up, the client ends up believing them. Unprofessional psychics say things like, “Oh yes, he loves you,” which leads the client to believe a false statement. 

While not all those who claim to be psychics genuinely have the ability or gift to help others, there are legit psychics who provide professional and accurate readings. One legit psychic is Holly K at Intuitive Solutions HK

As a trusted psychic and spiritual life coach in Pennsylvania, United States, I never sugarcoat things. All my readings are honest, accurate, non-judgmental, confidential, and done with respect! 

With over twenty-five years of experience and a strong sense of intuition, I help clients find the answers that they are looking for and provide them with the clarity they deserve. I offer one-on-one life coaching and psychic readings for marriage, divorce, family, career, and financial issues. Most of my readings take place over the phone and other technological platforms like Zoom and Skype. 

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