A Guide To Dealing With Our Difficult Emotions While Facing The New Normal

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COVID-19 has given rise to stressful times for everyone across the globe. Due to the uncertainties and restrictions caused by this pandemic, the level of stress, anxiety, and depression is soaring, making people prone to poor emotional health and diseases and infection from the Coronavirus itself.

To help individuals cope with their flaring emotions during these trying times, Intuitive Solutions has created a brief guide to dealing with our difficult emotions while facing the new normal. In this guide, I have covered three key emotions plaguing people during the pandemic and how they can deal with them. 


Anxiety in small doses can help us get in touch with the things we need most. But, anxiety becomes a problem when it overwhelms us. When this emotion is strong within us, it colors our perception. Therefore we don’t see our world or ourselves accurately. It is difficult to see things clearly, and relax. We feel out of control, and our thoughts race, our hearts pound, and sometimes we even sweat a lot.

Anxious thinking, ruminating thoughts, and negative emotions may lead to depression. Ruminating is toxic for clarity of the mind and our well-being: self-love and compassion, and cutting ourselves some slack helps ease anxiety. We must follow good lifestyle habits like eating well, exercising thoroughly, and getting enough sleep as this helps to deplete our anxiety levels! Similarly, we need to use our anxiety as a signal to be mindful of our feelings and the source of our anxiousness. We can try to meditate when feeling anxious and overwhelmed, as it really helps calm the mind and body from the disruptive state caused by anxiety.


When anger wells up inside all of us, it can make us physically sick. Learning about what is happening inside us is the first step to relief. That said, anger is a strong emotion that can actually give us a powerful rush to either be productive or destructive.

We all have triggers that cause us to become angry. These are developed during our childhood (personal past). As adults, we carry these triggers with us. When they are activated, our anger flares up along with our adrenaline, and depending upon our thoughts, we may either become quiet and uncooperative or loud and volatile. To combat the effects of our anger, we need to be aware of our inner map of anger. This may help us see that we are becoming upset sooner, thereby allowing us to implement cautionary measures that spare those around us and ourselves. Usually, the notion that letting our anger out helps us become more peaceful and calm is a myth. Anger comes back unless we’ve dealt with it on a personal level. As a result, acknowledging and reacting isn’t the best solution. Our best approach is to be curious and trust that our anger is trying to teach us something we are unaware of. Exploring this path every time we notice that we are angry will help us diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand.


With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our lives in drastic ways, it’s quite natural to develop feelings of vulnerability. But, if we harbor these feelings for too long, it can impact the way we function on a daily basis. As a result, we need to possess coping skills, moxie, and a positive attitude to help us recover from the hardships we’re facing. This is so important as our level of resilience influences our happiness and ability to thrive. Being mindful is one of the most important ways to strengthen our resilience. These days, things are at their worst, and we can either see this as the end or as an opportunity to create change and be the best we can be. To improve our resilience, we can:

a. Aim to see things clearly

b. Pay attention to our reactions (ask ourselves why we feel this way)

c. Be kind to ourselves

The last step is the most essential irrespective of what emotion we are feeling. During this pandemic, resilience has gone to the top of the list of important behaviors, and by practicing kindness towards ourselves, we will be able to inculcate this behavior in ourselves more naturally.

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