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Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive Psychic
Serving Globally

Intuitive Psychic & Spiritual Life Coaching for all types of Relationships, Family, Dynamics, Career Development & Financial Matters

When I work with my clients, I do what is called “hot reads”. This means that I start to pick up info when we talk before the reading. Most of my readings take place on the phone and other technological platforms of your choice such as Zoom and Skype. I can help with relationship issues (LGBTQA), family dynamics, career development, financial matters, and spiritual life counseling to name some of my services.

Serving Globally

The goal of my new website is to provide my existing and prospective clients with intuitive psychic readings and spiritual advice.


  • I integrate Neuroscience Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, Fitness, and Nutrition as they apply to each client.
  • Accurate answers
  • Honesty
  • Non-judgmental
  • Completely confidential
  • Every reading done with total respect for the client
  • 25 years of experience
  • Positive testimonials!
  • Details provided; dates, timing, descriptions of people; just to name a few of the things I will answer for you.
  • I follow through with each and every client.
  • Follow up e-mails to see how you are doing.
  • Some clients will be given interactive work for self-discovery.
  • I am committed to helping every client discover the answers they seek.
  • I go the distance with them; and genuinely care for each and every person I work with!

About Intuitive Solutions HK

Intuitive Psychic and Spiritual Life Coach

I first realized I was clairvoyant at the age of 5. From then on, I had clairvoyance (clear sight) experiences with my mom, on a regular basis. She would look at me, and I would look at her, we would process it as strange, and move on. When I went away to college, I became the resident “go-to girl”, for anyone that had a problem, or was feeling bad. It was at this point that I realized that I had a gift.


Professional Intuitive Psychic Services

One-On-One Readings | Intuitive Problem Solving

You can book your session online. A reading is an exchange of energy between the intuitive psychic & client. Before your reading with me, I ask everyone to write down 3 things they would like me to look at.


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